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India is a land of endless opportunities and diversities and so are there roads. The endless kilometers of road stretches are one form of life where one can embark upon the journey of their lives and see the heaven exist in front of their naked eyes. The natural beauty, flora and fauna and the vegetation will enable the traveler to explore the world and see a new perspective towards a life. The luxury of travelling and doing the famous road trips will satisfy the traveler's urge to explore and create a new dimension of life.

In this part, we shall embark upon the most toughest and highest terrain of the country to a road trip from Manali to Leh. Manali a hill station nestled in mountains of Indian state Himachal Pradesh is a base point of Manali Leh Road Trip. The total journey of 476 Kms is covered in approximately 03 days. This route is the most popular sites of Indian Road Trips. The road bears a sullen and deserted look as it is less traveled and closed during most part of the year due to heavy snow and harsh climatic conditions. The life in this part of the region comes out during summer months and hibernation presumes upon in the Winters. This road is often referred as the most toughest motorcycling road of the world. The Travel enthusiasts look forward to explore this area and embark their journey upon this road. The road gives them the appetite of thrill, adventure and passion to conquer and a spectacle to the most amazing views of the valley.

The route followed in this road trip is:

Manali -- Rohtang Pass -- Keylong -- Tispa -- Zing Zang Bar -- Baralacha La (Pass) -- Sarchu -- Ghata Loops -- Nakee La -- Lachung La -- Pang -- More Plains -- Tanglang La -- Upshi -- Karu -- Leh

Rohtang Pass: It is a high mountain pass which connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahaul and Spiti Valleys of Himachal Pradesh. It is a part of Manali - Leh Highway NH 21. 

Keylong: The administrative centre of Lahaul & Spiti, it is located on Manali - Leh Highway on the banks of Bhaga River. Visit the world famous Kardang Monastery, which is the largest and the most important monastery in Lahaul, which is on the slope across the river from Keylong. Also visit various sites near Keylong which includes Kardang, Shasur, and Tayul Monasteries. Located at an altitude of 3080 m, this place is open only during summers.

Jispa - Located at an altitude of 3200 m, it is a village in Lahaul & Spiti District. Travelers often stop here for the night. This village has a hotel, a mountaineers hut, and a campground. Jispa also has a small folk museum.

Baralacha La (Pass) - The pass at an altitude of 4890 m is a high mountain pass in Zanskar range connecting Lahaul district in Himachal Pradesh to Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir situated along Manali Leh NH 21. It is a plateau where three ranges of Pir Panjal, Zanskar and the Himalayas meet. It is a natural divide between the Bhaga and Yunam River. This place is a starting point of several treks and the trek to Suraj Tal is amongst the famous ones. The peculiar shaped snow hiding in summers is worth a watch. Here you can also witness blue waters of Suraj Tal that is usually marked by an outline of snow at its banks. There is a sharp contrast of the surrounding grey and off white rocks scattered around the road and the lake. As you cross Suraj tal, witness the snow capped summit which is 250 feet up the mountain to reach the Baralacha La. There are few tents at various camp sites where you can stay and relax overnight. Staying with locals is also an option here.

Sarchu - Also known as Sir Bhum Chun, it is a major halt site with tented accommodation in the Himalayas on the Leh Manali highway NH 21. Situated at an altitude of 4290 m, this place is used for an overnight halt. This spot can also be used as a start point of Zanskar treks.

Lungalacha La - At an altitude of 4880 m, it is a mountain pass along the Leh Manali Highway. 

Tanglang La - At an elevation of 5328 m, it is a high mountain pass in Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir. It is the highest motorable pass on the Manali Leh highway. It is one of the main highlights of this route.

Upshi - Upshi is a village and road junction on the Leh Manali highway. 

Leh - Your final destination is here. Situated at the height of 3524 m, this town is a travelers paradise. A dream destination amongst travel enthusiasts, this place for sure will bring an adrenaline rush. It is the land of monks and monasteries. One of the coldest deserts of the world, this place will surely offer you the trekking trails, valleys and picturesque lakes. Indeed the amazing piece of land on earth to viewed in lifetime.



Reach Manali. Overnight stay in Manali.


Start your drive from Manali uptil Jispa. The driving time is about 6 - 9 Hours depending upon the road and weather conditions. On the way stop to Rohtang Pass and Keylong to enjoy the picturesque beauty and the nature. Overnight stay at Jispa.


Start your journey at the first light of the day. The entire day journey to Leh is indeed very tiring. Stop at various mountain passes and heights to view the Pir Panjal, Himalayan and the Zanskar ranges. On the way have a look at beautiful villages, monasteries and temples and keep checking the altitude stone at every location. Do not forget to get yourself clicked at these altitudes. Reach Leh and enjoy a overnight stay in Leh.

DAY 03 : LEH

Take it easy in Leh on the first day. Just roam around the town and get familiar with it. Avoid going to monasteries and palaces and acclimatize yourself with the high altitude. Roam around the local street, explore the markets and eating places and talk to the locals of the area, who are generally very friendly with the guests. Try butter tea at one of the stalls. Visit Shanti Stupa in the evening to have a glimpse of amazing sunsets of Leh. Check out the Donkey Sanctuary which is worth a watch. Enjoy a comfortable stay in Leh.

DAY 04 & 05 : LEH

Visit Hemis Monastery, Thiksey Monastery, Stok Palace, Shey Palace and the Leh Palace. Also check out the monasteries at Matho, Phiyang. Take a dawn or dusk walk along the rives Indus. While at these monasteries, catch up for a chat with these Lamas, who are usually very accommodating and friendly in nature. They share the whole lot of experiences and stories of Leh Ladakh and their usual life around the town. Do not miss the early morning visit to Thiksey Monastery, as they have highly serene and worth attending prayer sessions with over hundred Lamas praying together. These prayers will bring to you a new zenith never seen or felt before, a calmness never attained before and a peace never witnessed before.


Start your day with a drive to Pangong Tso. Pangong Tso is a a lake situated on the upper reaches of Himalayan Mountain Range in Leh district of Jammy & Kashmir. The most notable feature of this lake is ther ever changing hues. It is about five hours drive from Leh in Ladakh region. The route passes over the beautiful Ladakh countryside, over Chang La, which is the third highest motorable mountain pass in the world. The first glimpse of the serene, bright blue waters and rocky lakeshore remains etched in the memory of tourists. 


Start your day with the drive to Nubra Valley via Khurdungla Pass. Nubra Valley known for its orchards, scenic beauties, camels and monasteries. Situated about 150 kms from Leh, Nubra Valley is known as a Orchard of Ladakh. The view of the valley is worth a visit. This valley is also the hub of Buddhist Monasteries in Ladakh. Overnight stay in Nubra Valley.


Head out to Alchi from Nubra Valley. Look around the local monasteries and villages to have a glimpse of Ladakh region and enjoy the picturesque beauty of the region.

DAY 10 - LEH

Head out from Alchi and visit the world famous monasteries of Likir and Lamayarm. Spend few serene hours in these monasteries and get back to Leh.


Head back to Manali on the same route and carry forward all the memories you have lived past 10 days!!

These roads shall bring back a new perspective of life. You can view beautiful villages, narrow passages through the mountains, Buddhist monasteries and their culture. You will come across various stupas, mud brick houses, Indo - Tibetian culture, their food and their palaces. Leh is one place to fall in love with. One place which will call you time and again and make you tougher and stronger to explore the never ending opportunities.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Prague - An Architectural Marvel

Prague is undoubtedly Czech's Republic top attraction. The city is a stunner with its thousands spires, historic squares and gigantic castle complexes.

Walk down the Charles Bridge (Karlov Most) which is a life betweel Old Prague & New Prague and get hold of delicious food and local vendors. Decorated with statues, this place is sure not to be missed. The Prague Castle on the Castle Hill which offers magnificient artwork from various centuries and takes you back to the medievel time of Czech Kings and their culture. You can have a glance at their traditions and values. St. Vitus Cathedral in the same complex offers you a magnificient musical concerts round the year.

The Astronomical Clock and Old Town Square is one of the most popular sites of Prague. You just have to wait every hour when the clocks stuck and the famous figures emerge from the clock. Old Town Square in Old Prague is one site you will love yourself to have witnessed. The local culture, food, shopping, traditions, music, festivals are all the part of this street. The Municipal Town in the same street with its Art Nouveau Charm offers a artitectural marvellence. It has the most tremendously beautiful interiors and exteriors you would have viewed with your naked eyes in the entire world. This structure was created by the leading Prague's artists at the turn of 20th century. Then walk down to the Jeweish Quarters in the Old Town Prague. The Old Jeweish Cemetry is a memorable sight which contains the remains of over 3 centuries of Jewish Ghetto inhabitants.

The New Town Prague has its own offerings and not to be missed. The world famous Jerusalem Synagogue is a colorful structure which presents various forms of artwork like stripes, scrollworks, and pillars which is a remarkable example of early 20th century architecture. The famous Dancing Building is a marvel in itself. Also known as Fred & Ginger, the Dancing Building simulates movement while maintaining its functionality. Its innovative design and surprising use of curvature has given it the notoriety. Its famous dine place, Celeste, is a must visit place as it offers the complete view of Prague.

Prague offers various day trips to locations nearby and these trips are sure not to be missed. The world famous amongst these are:

1. Karlstien Castle

This castle takes you to the medievel architecture in the form of its chapels, halls, and the castle prison. The stroll across the castle will induce the royalty being preserved till date. The famous souvenier shop will enable you to get memories from this place. The wax displays of the famous Czech historical figures will present another form of artwork to you.

2. Plezen Brewery Museum

The Pilsner Beer will sure make you visit this place. Visit the town and the museum for the first hand experience of how this Czech beer has made its name over the centuries across the world.

3. Kutna Hora

It is one of the Czech Republic's UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once famous for its silver mines, and the seat of Czech Royalty, this place offers a marvel to architectural forms. This places offers you the Gothic Church Architecture that later influenced the architecture across Europe.

4. Cesky Krumlov

It is one of the most popular destinations in Czech Republic. Its castle and town begs to be explored. Set besides the river, its baroque structure offers various bars and cafes. The places worth a visit here is Cesky Krumlov Castle which is a monstorous structure comprising of 40 buildings. The other places to roam around and pay a visit in this town are Regional Museum, Town Hall, Town Theater, Other Castles & Fortresses, Monasteries & Churches and Museums. 

5. Karlovy Vary

It is a Bohemian Spa Town  which presents the most glorious picturesque layout. It is a picture perfect town for photography and not to be missed.

Therefore a not to be missed attraction in Europe is Prague. It will offer you a complete travellers paradise and will reflect upon the beautiful structures, culture and a magnificient Europe. It is surely the most catch up place in Europe and travellers across the world want to have a view of the biggest city of Czech Republic. The food, culture and traditions will make you bring back to Prague time and again.

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Journey to India - Atithi Devo Bhav - PUNJAB


India is a country of snake charmers, superstition, poverty, unemployment amongst many more. There would be thousands of factors which would pull back the guests across the world to visit our country on the basis of above. But is it so. Is our inbound tourist thinking of it?

Probably, yes. They shall have so many questions regarding the current scenario of the country where every second day a rape is taking place in a metropolitan city, and every two months there is a terror threat issued by the respective embassies of the country. But despite all this, I would still like to say one thing, that India still holds that value system and that courage and valor to support the country and we Indians with open arms welcome everyone in this country.

Let me take you to the journey of our country with my thoughts and imaginations. This country is the land of various cultures and traditions, various languages and dialects, various religions and their sub religions and various gods of each region. Yet there is one undying factor which connects all and that is love and compassion for their own people and respect for their guests, irrespective of few bad apples in the whole lot.

So, in my first blog let me take you across to my own state of Punjab. Punjab has derived its name from five rivers in this region. This region is known for agricultural land and warm hearted people. Here the guests are welcomed with love and the love is in the form of food and the amount of ghee(clarified butter) in the food. Our guest first destination in Punjab is Amritsar. Amritsar means holy pond which is significant of pond in Golden Temple (Sri Harmandar Sahib). It is the spiritual center of Sikh Religion and guest across the world come here to experience the serene beauty of Golden Temple. Golden Temple has its ultimate view during night with its glowing lights. Also the fireworks in festivals are very well appreciated and liked by the guests in Golden Temple.

The other place of interest in Punjab are Jalandar, Ludhiana, Anandpur Sahib, Beas amongst others. Also Wagah Border (Indo-Pak Border) is also a major tourist attraction.

The local food eateries are also one thing which attracts tourists in Punjab. Here, they all want to try their hand on Lassi to Amritsari Kulcha and Tandoori Chicken. The handicrafts of Punjab has also major contribution to the tourism of Punjab which includes hand embroidered Phulkari, the ebony chess boards, Punjabi Jutti's amongst others. 

A Farmer at his work, with the paddy crop

Punjab is also one state which promotes wellness tourism and rural tourism where tourists across the world can come here and experience fresh air and open agricultural lands. They can also imbibe the local agricultural techniques from the farmers in Punjab to inculcate in their own set up and experiment. Here the guests in home stays are welcomed and treated as god since we are taught that guests always come in the form of god. The major wheat producing state has inculcated latest machinery and tools to extract maximum yield of their farming product. Also dairy farming is widely practiced in Punjab which is also a major industry of this state and can benefit the tourist in understanding it.

Therefore I hope I am able to present a short write up which shall go deep in the thoughts of our guests and they shall take our country beyond their imaginations and give us a chance to serve them and be their perfect hosts.